CULCT Bylaw Amendment 2019

The Board of Directors of the Credit Union League of Connecticut recommends amendments to the League Bylaws, as developed by the Governance Committee, a group comprised of representatives from each chapter and various asset-sized credit unions.

The most significant change from this recommendation is to elect a Board of Directors comprised of nine at-large members. This would shift from the current model of electing three at-large members and one member from each of the six chapters.

Upon approval, the transition to the new structure as Directors come up for election, starting in 2020. Three Directors are elected each year; after three years, all seats would be filled with at-large Directors.

The recommendation also includes a modernization to allow electronic voting for future bylaw amendments.

A copy of the bylaws with a markup of the proposed changes and comparison is available here.


Due to credit union consolidation, the Chapters of the Credit Union League of Connecticut have shrunk, with the smallest Chapter now being comprised of 6 credit unions and the largest Chapter being comprised of 21. This creates a situation where Directors elected by Chapter are not representing a proportional number of credit unions and where the pool of talented and interested candidates is deeper in some chapters than others.

In addition, the Governance Committee discussed how a number of credit unions maintain a presence in multiple chapters and that many credit union leaders feel an equal or greater connection to credit union leaders from outside their chapter, making geographic representation less relevant.

The move toward an electronic voting option is to increase participation in future bylaw votes, rather than requiring an in-person meeting. This should increase the option of participation as not all credit unions are represented at the League Annual Meeting.

Next Steps

A vote will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Credit Union League of Connecticut on May 7, 2019. Members will receive legal notification 60 days prior to the annual meeting.


Michael Hinchey, League Board Chair, [email protected], (203) 288-1695 ext 235
Joanne Todd, Governance Committee Chair, [email protected], (860) 646-8870 ext 123