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Account, Check, EFT, Income, Expense Reduction & Risk/Loss Issues
League Office
1064 E Main Street
Meriden, CT 06450

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 9:00 AM to Thursday, July 11, 2019, 3:30 PM EST
Category: Compliance

Program Description:

July 10, 2019 - Key Account, Check and EFT Issues & the Major Agreement Changes that help your CU Make and Save Money Annually!
This session will address numerous major account, check and EFT (and even loan) compliance, operational, practical issues. It will additionally focus on how to address all these issues with the new change to agreements that will help your CU with all its goals, especially making and saving tens if not hundreds of thousands dollars annually!

Important issues to be addressed include:

  • Membership issues and required documentation for very different types of members,
  • All the major nonpayment check loss problems (NSF, Stop Pay, Overdrafts, Stale-dated checks),
  • All the major fraud check loss problems (checks with alterations and forged signatures),
  • The key rules that all employees must know about checks in order to prevent losses,
  • All major timelines for all nonpayment and fraud issues for your credit union,
  • Account type issues and increased service opportunities with forms and no forms,
  • Ownership and survivor-ship features (what features to use as well as what not to use),
  • Account opportunities that must be taken advantage of to save and make money,
  • Mandatory contract provisions that provide service and prevent litigation,
  • Key liability issues involved in changing, adding and/or closing products and services,
  • Disbursing funds from accounts upon claims and death,
  • Contract features to help employees promote and sell every important product and service,
  • Contract features to promote your CU and every major product to potential members,
  • The key rules that all employees must know with respect to all products and services
  • The critical contract language for all your online (e-commerce) products and services,
  • The critical compliance feature of the EFTA and Reg E and reducing Reg E losses, and
  • The major problems with all online new member/account opening solutions.
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July 11, 2019 - 
Large-Dollar Income, Expense Reduction & Risk/Loss Issues Addressed with Contracts & Practices

Millions of dollars of income can be earned, expenses saved and risk and loss issues can be prevented with effective member contracts and disclosures, and yet most financial institutions documents don’t address these incredible financial opportunities.

This session will discuss all the following income generating issues to implement in both contracts and practices:  

  • Opening & managing accounts, products and services for members’ living trusts,
  • Opening & managing accounts, products and services for businesses and organizations,
  • Opening & managing fiduciary accounts, products and services for rep pays, VA fid, estates, infants, etc
  • attracting more potential members (so critical to growth),
  • proactive fees,
  • reactive fees (and substantiating the value of all fees),
  • assuring user-friendly online products and services,
  • increasing the profitability of your website,
  • increasing the profitability of your phone services,
  • increasing the profitability of your data processing system,
  • profitable consumer-trust products and services,
  • profitable consumer-fiduciary products and services,
  • profitable business/organization products and services, as well as
  • adding numerous new products and services at no cost to your credit union.

Additionally we’ll also address all the following significant expense reductionissues to implement in practices and contracts, including eliminating and reducing large legal and professional advice costs, large product and service costs, employee time costs, training costs, printing costs, mailing costs, delivery costs and any other income generating or expense reduction issue you want or need addressed by your credit union!

Speaker: Ty Parker
Ty is a nationally recognized speaker on credit union legal, compliance, operational and practical issues and addressing these issues in contracts, who over the last 36 years has taught programs for all state credit union Leagues and Associations, CUNA, the NCUA and hundreds of credit unions across the country.

Contact: [email protected]