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Cancelled: Account, Check, EFT, Income, Expense Reduction & Risk/Loss Issues
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Wednesday, April 08, 2020, 9:00 AM to Thursday, April 09, 2020, 3:30 PM EST
Category: Service Excellence Training

 CULCT Program Description:

April 8th, 2020 - Key Account, Check and EFT Issues & the Major Agreement Changes that help your Credit Union Make and Save Money Annually!

The first day of this program will address numerous critical account, check and EFT (and even loan) compliance, operational and practical issues that affect credit unions daily (and truly can cause problems and losses at any time). It will additionally focus on how to address all these issues and problems with the new change to agreements that will help your credit union with all its goals (excellent service,  income, expense reduction, loss prevention along with superior compliance)!

 Important issues that will be addressed on this first day of training include:

  • Regulation CC update issues, and promoting your credit union with them,
  • Mandatory pre-overdraft and overdraft explanations required to prevent litigation,
  • Membership issues and required documentation for very different types of members,
  • All the major nonpayment check loss problems (NSF, Stop Pay, Overdrafts, etc.),
  • All the major fraud check loss problems (alterations and forged signatures),
  • The key rules that all employees must know about checks in order to prevent losses,
  • All major timelines for all check nonpayment and fraud issues for your credit union,
  • Account type issues and increased service opportunities with forms and no forms,
  • Ownership and survivorship features that you must use (and those to never use),
  • Account service opportunities to utilize immediately to save and make money,
  • Mandatory provisions to provide service & prevent litigation (like the overdraft issues),
  • Key liability issues involved in changing, adding and/or closing products and services,
  • Disbursing funds from accounts on claims and death, and preventing litigation,
  • The key rules that all employees must know with respect to all products and services,
  • The critical contract language for all your online (e-commerce) products and services,
  • The critical compliance features of Reg E and reducing Reg E losses, and
  • The major opportunities (& problems) with all online new member-account solutions.

Of important note - the Regulation CC updates are not challenging - preventing large check losses and providing excellent service are! In our training we’ll quickly review the Reg CC updates, how to promote them and most importantly address how to prevent large losses (along with providing excellent service) when members offer checks for deposit!

April 9th, 2020 - Multi-Million Dollar Income, Expense Reduction and Risk & Loss Issues to Address in Member Practices and Contracts

 Millions of dollars of 1. income can be earned, 2. expenses be eliminated or significantly reduced, and risk and loss issues can be prevented with effective member practices and contracts. Unfortunately almost no financial institution in the country has seen or taken advantage of these incredible financial opportunities! The second day of this program is mandatory for any credit union that wants its practices and contracts to assist it with all its critical goals, especially making and saving a great deal of money annually!

 On this day of our training we will address:

  •  Implementing significant income generating features in both practices and contracts, which include increasing profitability by addressing 1. recruiting new (potential) members (so critical to growth),  2. proactive and reactive fees, 3. all online products and services, 4. enhancing your website, 5. enhancing your phone services, 6. enhancing your data processing system, 7. consumer-trust products, 8. consumer-fiduciary products, 9. business & organization products, 10. cross-selling all products and services to existing members and any other income generating issue you want or need addressed by your credit union!
  • Implementing significant expense reduction features in both practices and contracts, which include eliminating and reducing large legal and professional costs, large product and service costs, employee time costs, training costs, printing costs, mailing costs, delivery costs and any other expense reduction issue you want or need addressed by your credit union!
  • Implementing significant loss and risk prevention and reduction features in both practices and contracts, which include effectively addressing account litigation issues, check loss issues, Reg E and card loss issues, overdraft litigation issues, powers of attorney claims, owner and beneficiary death claims, defective form and document claims, missing form and document claims, data breaches, third-party fund claims, erroneous deposit claims, complaint claims, record and image claims, elder abuse claims, unauthorized signer claims, trust claims, fiduciary claims, all breach of contract and omission issues, and any other loss or risk prevention issue you need addressed by your credit union!
  • Implementing significant excellent service features in contracts that entail scripts for everything a member could possibly inquire about (all products, services, questions, issues and problems).

 Don’t miss out on millions in income & expense reduction opportunities (or learn about large loss & risk issues the expensive way) like most institutions currently do, when you can effectively address them all with thoughtful practices and contracts!

 Registration price is $149 per person, per day.

“The information contained in this presentation does NOT represent legal advice.  It in no way is intended to represent a formal determination made by any regulatory agency on any specific matter.  Issues at your credit union are fact specific and you should seek legal counsel or formal supervisory determination to guide any course of action.”

Contact: [email protected]